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You'll be the next success story!

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"Hi, I'm Sharewin Q. Pulido Jr. I'm here because I've aced my IELTS and I'd like to share some of my secrets in passing my exam. It was my second attempt to take the exam last February 27 and I've finally achieved my score requirements! I got 8 in both listening and reading, while 7 for my speaking ang writing! I want to thank my parents for their support in this journey, for pushing me and supporting me. Of course, to my coaches who inspired and pushed me to strive more. Well, I forgot to tell you about the secret; aside from doing practice tests everyday after my review classes, I never forgot to ask God for His guidance because no matter what you do will be difficult to achieve His wisdom. So, here I am. I'm now processing my papers for visa screening! Just a reminder: do not give up especially if it is for your goals. Lastly, if I did it, I know all of you can do it!"

Sharewin Pulido

IELTS PASSER for USA | Former NCLEX Student
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