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You'll be the next success story!

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"With Rachel Allen, I reached my goal of ending with 75 questions for my NCLEX so I had no doubt that they can also help me ace my IELTS. Just a few weeks after officially becoming a USRN, I enrolled in the next batch of Perfect9. The classes are small because they make sure that they can tailor the lessons individually. What’s also special is they do one on one consultation for Writing and Speaking. By the end of the course, I sat in for two more classes then at home, I would use the materials Perfect9 provided to practice. I finished with a band score of 7.5. My Listening is a perfect 9 😍, you guess the rest. 😂

Again, thank you Perfect9 especially to our coaches who were so good with training us. Because of this, I will be ending the year worry-free."

Cheloana Garcia

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