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"First of all, I wanna give thanks to the Lord for everything because without Him I wouldn’t have succeeded. Secondly, to my supportive parents, family and most especially my boyfriend. Last but not the least, my Perfect9 coaches because without them I wouldn’t have aced my IELTS. Thank you so much for believing in me and for reminding me everyday to keep pushing in order to meet my goals and desires.

Moreover, I am so delightful to share my experience with IELTS. I took the exam wayback January 25, 2020, and got my scores a week after, and I was truly devastated upon seeing the results because I only got 5.5 for my speaking test which I find unbelievable. So I asked my coaches and friends about it and what to do, retake or remark because I knew for a fact that I did my best and that for me was my best speaking test ever. Finally, I did go for the remark but I was also preparing myself for a retake. Luckily, after 3 weeks I received one of the best emails, a new test report form saying my speaking score went from 5.5 to 7!!!! I was so happy upon seeing it. I never questioned God’s decisions after seeing my initial test results instead I trusted Him more because I know He has better plans for me and indeed God’s time is always the perfect time. So I wanna end this by saying never give up on your dreams especially if you know for a fact that you can reach for it. Always dream big, work hard and pray harder."

Bernadette Shane Dela Cruz

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