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Success Stories

You'll be the next success story!


"Before anything else, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Lord, my guardian angel for watching over me, my family, friends, supportive colleagues from my work, my loving girlfriend, and none other than my Rachell Allen family for the quality service on assisting me in achieving my goals.
Specifically, I want to thank my IELTS coaches for their great support and patience in pointing out my weaknesses. At this point of my life, I will never forget your teachings and will continue to hone my skills to gain further insights.
To those people who are going to take the examination, always be positive in every single moment whether big or small, be open minded to change, treat English as a part of you and a give a big YES for Rachell Allen Review Center-IELTS in choosing for your future. Again, thank you very much for great assistance and may the Lord bless us in our future endeavors.”



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